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We can produce parametric solid and shell models of your product or components using sketches, photos or Reverse Engineering an existing part. Whether you are in need of a Concept Design or a finely tuned Detailed Design, we keep manufacturability in mind. Our design process adheres to Change Management practices to insure everyone's on the same page and revisions are recorded. 

CNC Machined Parts exhibit exceptional precision in terms of dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. They are well-suited for a wide range of applications, including both high-volume production and specialized one-off projects. Notably, CNC machining stands out as the most cost-effective approach for producing metal prototypes, surpassing the capabilities of even 3D printing. Our expertise lies in assisting you in designing cost-effective, machinable parts that align with your project requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes and efficient manufacturing processes.

Concept Design

Sheet Metal Fabrication entails the meticulous process of shaping metal sheets through various techniques, including punching, cutting, stamping, and bending, to create precise and intricate parts. Our expertise lies in assisting you with the design of aesthetically appealing, functional, and cost-effective enclosures tailored to your specific project requirements.

Weldments have the remarkable ability to generate products that are exceptionally strong, lightweight, and cost-effective, offering notable advantages in terms of reliability and functionality. The foundation for maximizing the potential of your welded products lies in meticulous design. Our team can assist you in designing weldment parts, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, we provide precise drawings, comprehensive cut lists, and other essential CAD collateral, facilitating seamless implementation and efficient fabrication processes.

Concept design represents a thrilling phase within the realm of product development. This stage marks the transformation of your visionary concepts into tangible reality. It is here that your product takes shape, serving as the fundamental basis for all subsequent endeavors. Concept design offers a wealth of creative opportunities, and we actively foster ambitious brainstorming within reasonable bounds, encouraging exploration and innovative thinking.


Our services cater to product innovators and start-ups who are prepared to translate their concepts into concrete products. By utilizing the power of 3D printing, we facilitate the testing and iterative refinement of product concepts, leading to a streamlined design-to-manufacturing timeline. Our expertise lies in assisting you with the creation of precise and tailored 3D models to fulfill your prototyping requirements.

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Our Process


Request a Quote

  • Upload your sketches, diagrams or references

  • Provide a summary of your design requirements.

Project Initiation

  • Submit your NDA or confidentiality agreement

  • Submit your payment or deposit.

Design Review

  • Approve or Reject design proposal.

  • Request additions and or changes.

Final Release

  • Approve your design 

  • Submit final payment     (if applicable)

  • Receive your deliverables

Confidentiality agreements you can trust. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions or Contact Us for a free phone consultation. 

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